Travels: Bergen, Norway



massive crab legs….fish me….more massive crabs, alive this time….the famous old wooden wonky houses of Bryggen….fancy Bergen manhole covers….Monday begins on Saturday…..knowit….who can see the sea?….moooooooose…..

We’ve just got back from spending 24 hours in Bergen, Norway (new country yay!) on the way home from France. It was a lovely cute little place although incredibly expensive…in fact it actually made Cannes look cheap. Bergen is most visited as being the entry point for the Norwegian Fjords, we didn’t have the chance to go out to those but we mulled around the town seeing the sights and enjoying the atmosphere.

Hope you’ve had a good summer.

Jo xo


Travels: Cannes, France


A romantic meal on the rocks watching the sunset….not only the only guy walking with a case, but the only guy in a coat ;)….market made brunch….deckchairs and parasols….bliss on the beach….boats, glorious boats….the sun is setting in the sky….the art deco lobby of the Grand Hyatt Hotel Martinez….the MOST incredible firework display you have ever seen….

And that’s what Cannes has been for us!

Jo xo

Life Lately: Food, Food, Food

Life Lately: Food, Food, Food

Somehow, I’ve only just discovered puff pastry which is my new favourite thing EVER, here i used it to make a chorizo, red pepper and mozzarella pizza….AMAZING but very naughty churros with dulce de leche….my first ever Greek meze from Andreas on Charlotte Street….the sun setting over our road….House of Parliament from a Bateaux boat cruise….Samarkand from Mavala’s summer Chilli and Spice Collection which I’ve been loving (currently gracing my toe nails)….Callum’s very different aspirations for his life….my very tired flip flops which have travelled the world with me…..Callum and Kristian looking out enjoying the views of the countryside….

Jo xo

Black and White Gallery Wall

One of the best things about our flat is that it has wonderfully high ceilings.

One of the worst things about our flat is that it has wonderfully high ceilings and therefore vast cream walls. It is a rental after all so we can’t expect anything too jazzy to be going on with the walls.

It has taken us a while to work out what to fill these spaces with but what it has given me the opportunity to do is create a gallery wall. I’m a big fan of these, you only need to check out my ‘interior inspirations’ board on Pinterest to see quite how big a fan. We’ve got sooooo many photos which are just sitting around on computer hard drives, that I’m forever trying to think of ways to display them and see them in my everyday life. The best thing about a gallery wall is that it gives you the opportunity to use lots of photographs/artwork/anything else you might want to put up on the wall.

I think that sometimes, they can be quite hard things to pull off unless you are particularly skilled in the creative sense (unfortunately, that’s not me) so we decided to play it safe by sticking to a black and white theme. This involved both black and white frames and photographs.

black and white gallery wall

We bought a combination of basic frames and some nicer ones from Marks and Spencer which cost us about £70 in total (thanks to my Granny and Auntie for the vouchers!) which I don’t think is too bad.

Next step was laying out the frames on the floor and working out the pattern in which to put them up. After a considerable amount of faffing around we finally settled  on the above layout and the only thing left to decide was the photos we were going to use!

It then took us forever to get the photos printed and the frames up on the wall but I’m rather pleased with the result and think it really adds an extra special touch to our bedroom.

Anyone got any ideas for what we do with the rest of the walls?!

Jo xo

Life Lately: Summer, Summer, Summertime



Catching some rays while reading The Millenium Trilogy….The view from Frank’s in Peckham (well worth a visit if it’s warm….Wearing a little girl dress and little girl shoes….Ready for some barbecue!….Homemade no-bake cheescake which unfortunately didn’t taste as good as it looked….the bbq is going….Kristian about to have his first taste of trapeze as his surprise birthday present thanks to Gorilla Circus….Camel racing at Lambeth Country Show…..painting in the garden to try and fill our bare walls….

Could this summer get any better?! The weather has been so beautiful….how have you been spending the warm days?

Jo xo

2013 Goals and Aspirations: Review

Back at the end of 2012, I set myself a number of goals and aspirations which I wanted to achieve.

Well it is now August which means that we are basically two thirds of the way through the year! How the hell did that happen?!

And I can also say that I’m truly failing at achieving any of the things on my list!

I got off to a good start in January, I got a new job in London which meant that I moved out of home in March which was a pretty big step…I also visited Budapest in Hungary in January so that’s one country off the list….and I’ve just started to track my money and see what’s going on there…

But as for everything else I’ve made absolutely no headway whatsoever. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say I’ve gone backwards in that I think I’ve put on 10% of my body weight since moving to London, not lost it!

I need someone to give me a kick up the bum and actually get onto doing some of it!

Jo xo

Tracks: January Wedding by The Avett Brothers

So it’s been a while since I last talked about a track that I was obsessed with but I’ve certainly got one. I’ve listened to January Wedding by The Avett Brothers five times already in the last hour!!

I was introduced to The Avett Brothers a few weeks back when my boyfriend covered this track at a charity gig with some friends. It’s so lovely don’t you think? And always good to hear a bit of banjo in a song!

I couldn’t find a video for it and didn’t want to share a live version but I don’t think you need pictures….just enjoy the music:

Jo xo

Life Lately: The Sanderson and Whipsnade Zoo


Had a bit of a busy weekend last weekend out in the sun and these are some of my snaps from my phone.

The top row is the Mad Hatters Afternoon tea at The Sanderson Hotel. Then there are some pictures of London in the sun and then Whipsnade Zoo.

How have you been making the most of this beautiful weather?

Jo xo

Life Lately: Archikids and Aberdeen


Walking along Banff beach in Scotland….Fyvie Castle, my ideal wedding venue….sunshine in Aberdeen! Such a rare occurrence….the juxtaposition of Callum and my teas….the city on a Sunday….afternoon tea at the city branch of Bea’s of Bloomsbury….Callum’s drawing of St Paul’s and a London black cab….drawing over the landscape of London at Archikids festival….a Moody looking London

Ok admittedly it has taken me quite a while to post up these pictures from my recent trip to visit family in Aberdeen and my adventures with Callum at the Archikids festival, but here they are finally!

Jo xo