Photographer: Nicolas Dhervillers


One of the monthly features that I am planning on running is ‘photographer of the month’ and welcome to the first edition :-).

The inspiration for it comes because for Christmas I got a subscription to the British Journal of Photography. I didn’t even know this magazine existed but I’ve been really enjoying it! So I’m going to pick my favourite photographer from it each month and share it with you.

My favourite selection of photos this month came from Nicolas Dhervillers and his My Sentimental Archives collection. Nicholas is  Frenchman who cites Samuel Beckett as an influence…which makes it no surprise that I was inspired by them!!

My Sentimental Archives was shot in Sion in Switzerland and are an amalgamation of new shots and images of former residents from the 1840s! But anyway, I will let the photos do the talking…

I just love the dramatic lighting effects that he’s created as well as the hybrid between old and new. Would you believe that these photos were taken in broad daylight? All the photos feature something that the people could probably have never imagined existing and yet coupled together they strangely work.

What do you think?

Jo xo


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