Tracks: Allison Harvard – Underwater

Hey lovely people :)

Bit of a strange choice this week for my track but this song has been in my head for the last two weeks…I think I may be a little obsessed!

The last season of America’s Next Top Model was a little different to previous years, being an All Stars cycle where they have brought back fan favourites from previous years. This means that they’ve been doing all sorts of crazy tasks other than modelling…including writing their own song and filming the music video!

Allison is a bit of a strange one on the whole because she certainly isn’t conventional looking but I kind of like it…

Her song on the other hand, I truly loved! I think she even successfully managed to incorporate Tyra’s task to get in the hook ‘Pot Ledem – that’s top model backwards’ into it without ruining the song!

As I said, this has been in my head constantly and I really, really like it! If it was released as a single, I would certainly buy it!


What do you think?

Jo xo


Your thoughts?

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