Tracks: Oh Land – Rainbow

Hey lovelies

I’ve been marginally obsessed with Oh Land for a while now. A Danish, former ballet dancer I find her to be really quite fascinating, something echoed in my feelings with her music. She also has guts. She turned up at SXSW 2009 having never really performed her music before, determined that she would get signed. It worked as she’s now signed to Epic Records! That’s one way to do it…!

She is a very personable young lady and I think it helps to pull you into her music. If you want to find out a bit more about her, I’d recommend this video interview.

You may have noticed already, but I’m a big fan of female vocalists that have something a bit different to offer. I love the simplicity of the beat in this song in the way it is recorded. There is so much heavily produced music around these days, that I find it refreshing to listen to something that has the feeling of being stripped back but with a full sound and something more interesting going on than being an acoustic track.

Plus doesn’t she just look fantastic all sparkly?

What do you think?

Jo xo


Your thoughts?

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