Tracks: Skinny Love by Bon Iver

Hey :)

Music has been a little off my agenda of late so I’m now doing my very best to change that. I’ve recently discovered the full benefits of SoundCloud and to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement!

An artist who I have paid much more attention to since this new obsession began, is Bon Iver. He has been floating around on my radar for quite sometime but I cannot get enough of his track Skinny Love; yes it isn’t anywhere close to being a new song of his but if you haven’t heard it then I implore you to have a listen! Birdy has covered it recently in case it sounds a bit familiar and you aren’t sure why (check out her version on youtube here).

Although it has a title which makes me think of eating disorders whenever I hear it, I find it hauntingly beautiful and leaving me longing for more….

To follow Bon Iver on SoundCloud follow this link.

What do you think?

Jo xo


Your thoughts?

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