Tracks: Bikes by Lucy Rose

Hey :)

Time to share some more music I am stupidly obsessing over!

Right now I can’t get enough of Lucy Rose. Some of you may be familiar with her if you have ever seen Bombay Bicycle Club live as she has contributed vocals to a number of their tracks. Right now, her debut solo album, Like I Used To, is keeping me company (on repeat) in my car!

The thing that I love most about Bikes though is not the song (although it is one of my Lucy Rose favourites) but the video! I don’t often get obsessed with music videos, in fact I don’t often watch them. But I find myself watching Bikes over and over again! I guess it is just cool to see a small, young female holding her own and joining a bunch of tough looking machos….anyway check it out, it is well worth a watch and the song well worth a listen:

Have you seen any music videos lately which you think are worthy of a mention?

Jo xo


Your thoughts?

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