Life lately: Birthday times


Super tasty banoffee pie….presents :)….afternoon tea at Bea’s of Bloomsbury….a kick ass present from my wonderful team at work!….the lil bro’s message for me in play doh….new camera lens….second cooked meal of three….moustache time…..I will never be too old to party…..

So as you can probably tell there was an awful lot of food involved in my birthday this year!! I had meals cooked for me Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!! Plus an AMAZING afternoon tea at the Bea’s of Bloomsbury near St Paul’s. Such good cakes!

And still got a couple of food related activities coming up next week. Somehow feel there’s potential for me to be five stone heavier by the end of November!!

Hope you’ve had a good week, we’re off out to sketch and a couple of other bars this evening to celebrate some more.

Jo xo


Your thoughts?

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