Life Lately: Making the most of it!


We popped along to the Natural History Museum to catch the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition (well worth visiting as ever, see my post on last year’s here)….The flags from a meal at Wahaca with the girls, can’t wait to go again soon for a friend’s birthday celebrations – such tasty food!….Finally made it to the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the V&A, go check it out before it finishes on the 27th Jan….Our silly kitty being crazy as ever….My new favourite CD (I’m not even ashamed to admit it!)….Dressed up for the cold with the boy in winter boots….A sweet but savoury heart shaped snack….AMAZING gingerbread cupcake from work….Testing out my culinary skills by cooking a roast….

Time just seems to pass far too quickly these days, so I’m resolved to making the most out of everything! These are just some snippets of what I’ve been up to lately. I seem to be failing at my resolve to take more photos this year unfortunately as some of these date back to just before Christmas. What have you been up to lately?

January is such a funny month…I’m currently on countdown for a trip to Budapest at the end of the month – can’t wait!!

Jo xo


Your thoughts?

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