Travels: New Zealand

New Zealand South Island

We’ve just received our photobook back of our photos from our trip to New Zealand which is what has inspired me to share this photo.

I don’t actually remember where exactly this photo was taken other than that it was somewhere in the South Island that was incredibly windy! As memory recalls, we were almost blown off of the ridge we were standing on! It was just such a phenomenal landscape as you can see, that it would have been rude not to stop and capture the moment.

New Zealand is still one of the most beautiful, rugged countries which I have visited. It is incredible how it seems to have absolutely everything from hot pools to snow to cities (although small) to glaciers to beaches and beyond. A truly superb country that is well worth a visit from everyone once in their lifetime.

Anyway I hope you enjoy this and agree with me that it really is a beautiful landscape.

Jo xo


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