Tracks: Taylor Swift – I knew you were trouble

Right. First up, I know….but for some reason I just can’t help but love Taylor Swift’s latest stuff. In my defence, it is an amazingly catchy song!

This new found love for the lovely Taylor started with the fact that one of my friend’s is actually obsessed with her music. And I mean to a somewhat unbelievable degree. Anytime you get in a car with her, you can guarantee what will be playing. But that’s ok, we’ve learnt to accept and grow our own love for it. Well, after hearing I knew you were trouble anyway!

I’ve encountered all sorts of people recently who ordinarily wouldn’t even dream of liking a Taylor Swift song who love this song. Therefore I’ve decided it’s okay. The fact that her album has been on in my car A LOT of late, should probably just be left by the wayside. After all it is my favourite new guilty pleasure.

Taylor Swift Red

Anyways, I’m sure you’ve heard this but just in case you haven’t, check it out below and enjoy some perfectly perfect pop goodness :)

Jo xo


Your thoughts?

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