Travels: Budapest, Hungary


Hungary’s beautiful Parliament building at magic hour….breakfast is served….the chain bridge over the Danube….interesting gifts from the market….yes, we went shooting :-/, it terrified me….house beer and amazing (cheap) food at Menza….the way a fridge in a holiday apartment should be….the view of Pest over the Danube at night….we’re in the money!!….

A couple of weekends ago, I headed over to Hungary’s capital city, Budapest, for a couple of days with some friends.

We got super cheap flights with Ryanair (£30 return!) and an AMAZING apartment which cost €330 euros for three nights. Our apartment was so amazing and huge that to start with we didn’t want to leave it! It could have slept at least eight people if not more so would be super dooper cheap if you were going as a big group.

All in all, our stay was pretty random. We had a couple of great meals (and an average one that had us argue over a 17% service charge with the owner), did lots of walking, chilled out in the Gelleart spa, visited a nazi/communist museum, saw some art, ice skated, met a fascist, pretended we were fashion critics and shot a magnum!!

All in all, I really enjoyed Budapest, and I’m sure I will share some more photos of it soon.

It seems to be that everyone is heading there at the moment, have you been?

Jo xo


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