Family Portraits: Mum

Last weekend, I stood – with the other members of my immediate family – at the side of a racing track, in the snow, absolutely freezing to watch my mum drive an Aston Martin DB9. This was something which was on her ‘Bucket List’ and an experience which we had bought for her earlier this year for her 50th birthday. I’m probably going to get it in the neck now for advertising her age all over the internet.

The weather and temperature aside, the day was worth it just to see my mum so happy and excited. As the time for her to get in the car drew closer, I snapped this photo of her:


I genuinely think that this is one of my favourite photographs that I have ever taken. It is certainly my favourite photo of my mum. She looks so happy and I can’t help but be reminded of an excited little school girl. I know that this is a moment that I will remember and treasure for a long time.

The caption which accompanies this photo – which she said moments after it was taken – is that she ‘felt more nervous than when getting married’, which I think summarises the moment quite well.

Jo xo


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