Travels: The Photographers of Angkor Wat

Photographers of Angkor WatAlmost everyone is familiar with the famous picture of Angkor Wat; you know the one where you can see the temple reflected in the water in front of it (generally, but not always, at sunrise) . It is replicated so often, that there isn’t really any point in me posting it again here. It is nothing new and nothing that you haven’t seen before. Instead, here is an image of the hoards of people striving to take that photo. It was actually ‘sunrise’ when this photo was taken and by that I mean that there was no sunrise, instead it just got gradually lighter through the extensive cloud cover…guess that’s what happens when you visit South East Asia during Monsoon. That wasn’t enough to stop this lot trying to get ‘the’ photo; this is just a selection of the crowd.

Meanwhile, we did the sensible thing and instead of wasting our time for a magic moment that was never going to happen, we headed inside to check out the temple before the crowds came to join us.

Jo xo


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