Tracks: January Wedding by The Avett Brothers

So it’s been a while since I last talked about a track that I was obsessed with but I’ve certainly got one. I’ve listened to January Wedding by The Avett Brothers five times already in the last hour!!

I was introduced to The Avett Brothers a few weeks back when my boyfriend covered this track at a charity gig with some friends. It’s so lovely don’t you think? And always good to hear a bit of banjo in a song!

I couldn’t find a video for it and didn’t want to share a live version but I don’t think you need pictures….just enjoy the music:

Jo xo


Tracks: Taylor Swift – I knew you were trouble

Right. First up, I know….but for some reason I just can’t help but love Taylor Swift’s latest stuff. In my defence, it is an amazingly catchy song!

This new found love for the lovely Taylor started with the fact that one of my friend’s is actually obsessed with her music. And I mean to a somewhat unbelievable degree. Anytime you get in a car with her, you can guarantee what will be playing. But that’s ok, we’ve learnt to accept and grow our own love for it. Well, after hearing I knew you were trouble anyway!

I’ve encountered all sorts of people recently who ordinarily wouldn’t even dream of liking a Taylor Swift song who love this song. Therefore I’ve decided it’s okay. The fact that her album has been on in my car A LOT of late, should probably just be left by the wayside. After all it is my favourite new guilty pleasure.

Taylor Swift Red

Anyways, I’m sure you’ve heard this but just in case you haven’t, check it out below and enjoy some perfectly perfect pop goodness :)

Jo xo

Tracks: Bikes by Lucy Rose

Hey :)

Time to share some more music I am stupidly obsessing over!

Right now I can’t get enough of Lucy Rose. Some of you may be familiar with her if you have ever seen Bombay Bicycle Club live as she has contributed vocals to a number of their tracks. Right now, her debut solo album, Like I Used To, is keeping me company (on repeat) in my car!

The thing that I love most about Bikes though is not the song (although it is one of my Lucy Rose favourites) but the video! I don’t often get obsessed with music videos, in fact I don’t often watch them. But I find myself watching Bikes over and over again! I guess it is just cool to see a small, young female holding her own and joining a bunch of tough looking machos….anyway check it out, it is well worth a watch and the song well worth a listen:

Have you seen any music videos lately which you think are worthy of a mention?

Jo xo

Birthday Wishlist!!!

Hey hey :)

It is my birthday in a couple of weeks, so I thought I would share some of the things I’m lusting after! Can’t say they are all realistic lusts but a girl can dream right?!

Some of the fabulous items I am hoping my birthday will bring....

1. Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens from the lomography shop

I have been lusting after the super cool lomography cameras for a while but I’m put off by the fact they are film and I’ll wind up spending a fortune on developing them all!  (I already have an old school Nikon EM which I spend enough on!) But I love the fact that you can get a connector for Canon (and Nikon) DSLRs and then buy the Diana lenses. So I can snap away, get the same effects and then only have to print the pics I really love! Can see these being on my wishlist for a while until I’ve collected them all…..

2. Boots, £29.99 from H&M

I love a good pair of ankle boots! My auntie bought me an early birthday present pair from M&S (like these but in black) which I have been living in since I got them….think this pair from H&M would be perfect for mixing it up a bit!

3. Naked 2 palette, £36 from Debenhams

I do have the Naked palette which i use ALL the time! I know some people think it is a bit excessive to own both of them but I love the cooler tones of this palette and think I would use it even more

4. Animal Print Raincoat, £29.99 from Pull and Bear

The only raincoat that I own is incredibly geeky (and in no way geek chic!) so I think it is about time I invested in one. Isn’t this one just adorable?

5. Necklace, £35 from Culture Label

I basically love everything that they sell at Culture Label and have been literally drooling over a number of items, including these amazing watches. Basically I think if someone wanted to buy me a present, they could pick anythign from this site and I’d be over the moon!! And we’d be supporting the arts so even better!

6. Mulberry Bayswater Bag in Black Forest Soft Matte, £795

This is my completely unrealistic item on my wishlist, but isn’t everything about this bag just beautiful? I’ve been totally jealous of Saima from LDNshopaholic for the past couple of years and her Bayswater and you never know one day my dreams might come true! If someone does want to buy one for me, then they’ll have the key to my heart forever…..!

What are you lusting after this month?

Jo xo

Tracks: Laura by Bat for Lashes

I’ve always kept an eye on Bat for Lashes in the background and although I own some of her music, I’ve never gone out of my way to listen to it.

That is until I heard Laura and some of her new stuff from upcoming album The Haunted Man. I could listen to it on repeat for hours. If you hadn’t noticed, i’m pretty into upbeat, chilled out melancholy at the moment! I love how many of Bat for Lashes songs are people’s names and are stories about them.

I’m equally into Let’s Get Lost, which has a completely different vibe to it. Just such a beautiful vocalist.

The Haunted Man is released on 15 October and is already causing a stir because it features her naked on the cover:

Race you to the shops on the 15th!! You get pre-order it from here.

Jo xo

Tracks: Angels by the xx

I have been a big fan of the xx for a good few years now and I couldn’t wait for the release of their new album, Coexist, especially not after I heard this track. ‘Angels’ is the lead track from the album, is the first new song the released out into the arena and opens the album.

It is beautiful, there is nothing more to say about it.

I’m pretty jealous of the girl Romy (the singer) wrote it for. Oh to be the subject of such a beautiful song…

There album went to number 1 this week which they definitely deserve. If you haven’t bought it yet, or haven’t heard of them I would recommend this as one for purchasing. More info available here.

Please excuse me as I continue to swoon over this track :)

Jo xo

Tracks: Skinny Love by Bon Iver

Hey :)

Music has been a little off my agenda of late so I’m now doing my very best to change that. I’ve recently discovered the full benefits of SoundCloud and to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement!

An artist who I have paid much more attention to since this new obsession began, is Bon Iver. He has been floating around on my radar for quite sometime but I cannot get enough of his track Skinny Love; yes it isn’t anywhere close to being a new song of his but if you haven’t heard it then I implore you to have a listen! Birdy has covered it recently in case it sounds a bit familiar and you aren’t sure why (check out her version on youtube here).

Although it has a title which makes me think of eating disorders whenever I hear it, I find it hauntingly beautiful and leaving me longing for more….

To follow Bon Iver on SoundCloud follow this link.

What do you think?

Jo xo

Obsessions: Criminal Minds

So I am basically unhealthily obsessed with Criminal Minds atm and have been for a couple of months now. Nobody is going to be able to record anything on our TV next week while I’m in Canada because all the space is going to be taken up by me recording this….more to the point how am I going to cope without watching it?!

My obsession with Criminal Minds is two-fold.

I am in part obsessed with the show itself and in part with Matthew Gray Gubler/his character Dr Spencer Reid. I have a SERIOUS crush on him (even though I wouldn’t say he’s my normal type!!). Isn’t he a cutie?


There are 150 episodes of Criminal Minds and I’m slowly getting there with watching all of them! Sort of…. Hopefully once I’m done I’ll get my life back!!

For those of you less familiar with the show, it is now into its 7th season and follows the work of the FBI’s Behavioural Analysis Unit. I’m a bit of a crime book/show junkie but this show is different in that it focuses around the psychology of the killers. They then try to anticipate the next moves that the serial killers will make to try and catch them before they can cause too much more damage!

Sometimes you can know from the beginning who the killer is but somehow I am still completely hooked! Dr Reid (the genius boy) certainly helps with that….!!! :-)

What shows are you obsessed with at the moment?

Jo xo