Black and White Gallery Wall

One of the best things about our flat is that it has wonderfully high ceilings.

One of the worst things about our flat is that it has wonderfully high ceilings and therefore vast cream walls. It is a rental after all so we can’t expect anything too jazzy to be going on with the walls.

It has taken us a while to work out what to fill these spaces with but what it has given me the opportunity to do is create a gallery wall. I’m a big fan of these, you only need to check out my ‘interior inspirations’ board on Pinterest to see quite how big a fan. We’ve got sooooo many photos which are just sitting around on computer hard drives, that I’m forever trying to think of ways to display them and see them in my everyday life. The best thing about a gallery wall is that it gives you the opportunity to use lots of photographs/artwork/anything else you might want to put up on the wall.

I think that sometimes, they can be quite hard things to pull off unless you are particularly skilled in the creative sense (unfortunately, that’s not me) so we decided to play it safe by sticking to a black and white theme. This involved both black and white frames and photographs.

black and white gallery wall

We bought a combination of basic frames and some nicer ones from Marks and Spencer which cost us about £70 in total (thanks to my Granny and Auntie for the vouchers!) which I don’t think is too bad.

Next step was laying out the frames on the floor and working out the pattern in which to put them up. After a considerable amount of faffing around we finally settled  on the above layout and the only thing left to decide was the photos we were going to use!

It then took us forever to get the photos printed and the frames up on the wall but I’m rather pleased with the result and think it really adds an extra special touch to our bedroom.

Anyone got any ideas for what we do with the rest of the walls?!

Jo xo