Tracks: January Wedding by The Avett Brothers

So it’s been a while since I last talked about a track that I was obsessed with but I’ve certainly got one. I’ve listened to January Wedding by The Avett Brothers five times already in the last hour!!

I was introduced to The Avett Brothers a few weeks back when my boyfriend covered this track at a charity gig with some friends. It’s so lovely don’t you think? And always good to hear a bit of banjo in a song!

I couldn’t find a video for it and didn’t want to share a live version but I don’t think you need pictures….just enjoy the music:

Jo xo


Tracks: Still by Daughter

If you haven’t already realised, I’ve got a bit of a thing for female vocalists.

The voice which is currently soothing my soul, comes from Daughter. I’ve been listening to her stuff for a while now but we bought her debut album, If You Leave, this weekend and it is absolutely beautiful. The sound overall is haunting and atmospheric, but mostly very easy to listen to. Just what you need on a Sunday night.

Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself:

Jo xo

Unsigned Tracks: SYKES – Out of Your Hands

I posted about the wonderful SYKES some time ago with one of their other tracks, if you didn’t see it then you can check it out here.

I absolutely love their new track, Out of Your Hands. More appropriately it is a song that is hard to get out of your head!

Produced, recorded and mixed by the wonderful Cam Blackwood at Voltaire Studios – who has worked with the likes of  Florence and the Machine, Take That, The Horrors, Hurts, CSS, Paolo Nutini, Blood Red Shoes, Primary 1, We are Scientists and Alabama 3 – it is probably safe to say they were in good hands!

Check out the video below and if you like it, head over to their website where you can get yourself a free download of it. Be sure to check them out on Facebook too.

Jo xo

Tracks: Bikes by Lucy Rose

Hey :)

Time to share some more music I am stupidly obsessing over!

Right now I can’t get enough of Lucy Rose. Some of you may be familiar with her if you have ever seen Bombay Bicycle Club live as she has contributed vocals to a number of their tracks. Right now, her debut solo album, Like I Used To, is keeping me company (on repeat) in my car!

The thing that I love most about Bikes though is not the song (although it is one of my Lucy Rose favourites) but the video! I don’t often get obsessed with music videos, in fact I don’t often watch them. But I find myself watching Bikes over and over again! I guess it is just cool to see a small, young female holding her own and joining a bunch of tough looking machos….anyway check it out, it is well worth a watch and the song well worth a listen:

Have you seen any music videos lately which you think are worthy of a mention?

Jo xo

Tracks: Laura by Bat for Lashes

I’ve always kept an eye on Bat for Lashes in the background and although I own some of her music, I’ve never gone out of my way to listen to it.

That is until I heard Laura and some of her new stuff from upcoming album The Haunted Man. I could listen to it on repeat for hours. If you hadn’t noticed, i’m pretty into upbeat, chilled out melancholy at the moment! I love how many of Bat for Lashes songs are people’s names and are stories about them.

I’m equally into Let’s Get Lost, which has a completely different vibe to it. Just such a beautiful vocalist.

The Haunted Man is released on 15 October and is already causing a stir because it features her naked on the cover:

Race you to the shops on the 15th!! You get pre-order it from here.

Jo xo

Tracks: Angels by the xx

I have been a big fan of the xx for a good few years now and I couldn’t wait for the release of their new album, Coexist, especially not after I heard this track. ‘Angels’ is the lead track from the album, is the first new song the released out into the arena and opens the album.

It is beautiful, there is nothing more to say about it.

I’m pretty jealous of the girl Romy (the singer) wrote it for. Oh to be the subject of such a beautiful song…

There album went to number 1 this week which they definitely deserve. If you haven’t bought it yet, or haven’t heard of them I would recommend this as one for purchasing. More info available here.

Please excuse me as I continue to swoon over this track :)

Jo xo

Tracks: Allison Harvard – Underwater

Hey lovely people :)

Bit of a strange choice this week for my track but this song has been in my head for the last two weeks…I think I may be a little obsessed!

The last season of America’s Next Top Model was a little different to previous years, being an All Stars cycle where they have brought back fan favourites from previous years. This means that they’ve been doing all sorts of crazy tasks other than modelling…including writing their own song and filming the music video!

Allison is a bit of a strange one on the whole because she certainly isn’t conventional looking but I kind of like it…

Her song on the other hand, I truly loved! I think she even successfully managed to incorporate Tyra’s task to get in the hook ‘Pot Ledem – that’s top model backwards’ into it without ruining the song!

As I said, this has been in my head constantly and I really, really like it! If it was released as a single, I would certainly buy it!


What do you think?

Jo xo